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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Aku dah 3 kali putus cinta. yang first aku x rela, second aku relakan dan yg ketiga aku masih x pasti. aku seolah-olah mengharapkan dia mai balik. lol. aku masih jugak tak pasti kenapa. mungkin aku sunyi ja kot dan berharap dia mai balik dkt aku.

Love and Loneliness is not the same. 
being in love is when we are ready for the responsibility to take care of each other's feeling, respect, being honest, and a promise to stay together, forever. 

but, being lonely is way apart from love as we only need someone to fill our emptiness and make each of our days will be filled with something that we used to have. 

it's a matter of our feeling. we shouldn't play with other's feelings just to fill our needs of being in an attention from someone. people are not born to entertain us.. 

that's what blocks me from not falling in love again. i don't want to hurt anyone. i wanna be with someone i love and someone who loves me. in sha Allah, i will be the best lover ever if you are the one for me.

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