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Friday, April 22, 2011

Can't You Not?

Hye, this poem also created based on my experience and expressing my feeling lately..sometimes
i need to work with people who always need my instruction in making any decision or perhaps in doing things. 
 im so frustrated with this kind of people cuz later they didn't finish their work and put everything on me..
take ur time and try to understand the poem..thank you for viewing.. 

Instructs you,
I can.
Order you,
No problem.
Helping you,
never-mind !

without those,
Can't you do things?
Letting you do,
Like feeding a sloth,
No reaction,
No feelings,
and No caring.

and Again.
Facing mess,
Trembling rest.
That's all it takes,
Giving your best.
Hoping for sun-rays,
Lighten up your ways.

copyright Adi Imran

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