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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wax of Life

This is the new poem created by me after I visited my Aunty at her house. She was old and terribly sicks. In this poem I did mentioned about the life journey of human from their childhood until their elder hood. 
when my dad hugged her, i saw her tears flowing down her cheeks and  yes, i can feel that she is not ready for anything that relates with the word "leaving". so do others.

i was so sad and can't even bother to look at her face again. 
i tried to figure out what is inside her heart now, being colonized by the wrinkles and no-use-bones in her body other than her fake smile that she showed to me. i was so into it.

she just needs to eat the food with high calcium and medicines only. the force of nature, that is the best to describe this situation. 
yeah, this is her time, who knows, our "TURN" is just around. are you ready for it?

As time walks by,
the numbers are waking,
the structures are changing,
the powers are exhausting and,
the strengths are weakening.

In the end,
left the dead wax alone,
No use, yet no spark !

As an abduction,
ain't them wanting for it?
ain't them waiting for it?
ain't them smiling for it?
or perhaps,
ain't them ready for it?
may want to run away,
able they can't.

And again,
left the dead wax alone,
No way out, and yet it stuck !

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