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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hairstyle = i'm not HUJAN ok?

olaa..this is my new post regarding to my new hairstyle who someone had called me Noh HUJAN when i went to eat at a restaurant that day. woah3..sorry...i'm not him..euww...haha..
it is still approval if he is the one who trying to be me. =P (excusee mee? perasannya hangg ady)
well3...btw, lets stop talking bout him..i cut my hair and trying to copy Tommy Ratliff's hairstyle...
he is the lead guitarist for Adam Lambert's band..
(not HUJAN ok..? cuz now the weather is freakin' HOT here..)
let's look at his photos...

and now, let's look at his hairstyle more closer...

ahaks...i cut my hair slightly a bit like that..but a bit more gentle and innocent (haha, nk jdi cikgu la ktakan..)
i cannot colour my hair ok..? it is out of the norm..(plus, not suitable for my skin colour =P)
jom, tengokkk~!!

Ugly right~!?

just me

during lectures

inside the class

in the room (just woke up)

cikgu wannabe

My Ngeng Fren
that's all i drops your comment bout my hairstyle,either in facebook or here..
thank you so much for viewing.


  1. ahahahaa...artis ker...:):):) Cayalah!!

  2. cool header beb..

  3. ashraf..thanks..btw, dh follow...cantikk gak header uu..

  4. i ve put ur blog link at my blog~

  5. fuh! is this you? My.. you look so different.. LoL.. ^^,

    I think when someone recall your name, I still imagine you as the 'budak-darjah-dua" thingy.. hahak.. sorry.. but it's true!

  6. haha. well. mybe bcuz i'm not growin older. im just gettin younger~ lol. but u look better ! :)